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I'm Mariah Manzano & I'm a Designer I'm a Developer I'm an Entrepreneur I'm a Leader

Hello! I am a senior Web Design & Engineering major with a minor in Computer Engineering and another in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I'm interested in combining my design, research, technical, business, and leadership skills in a full-time role beginning after graduation in June 2020. More specifically, I'm interested in UI/UX design, product design, product operations, and product management.

Santa Clara University

Graduation Date: June 2020

  • Major:
    BS Web Design & Engineering
  • Minors:
    1. Computer Science & Engineering
    2. Innovation, Design Thinking, & the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Stanford University d.School University Innovation Fellows

  • The University Innovation Fellows program empowers students and faculty to become leaders of change in higher education.
  • Fellows are leading a global movement to ensure that all students gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to navigate a complex world.
  • Student Profile
  • Completed Spring 2018

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab


My Skills

Figma / Sketch90%

Adobe Suite85%

Wireframing / Prototyping80%





UX Research75%



NASA Ames Research Center

Design Intern

June 2019 - Present

  • Create UI graphics for Microsoft Hololens interactions.
  • Analyze usability and user experience of drone traffic management system interface.
  • Complete mixed reality projects, including a Virtual Tour of Airspace Operations Lab.
  • Create graphics for team.
  • Assist team with drone traffic management data analysis of user interaction experiences from pilots and ground control station operators.

Santa Clara University Career Center

Lead Web Developer

May 2017 - Present

  • First student speaker to present DIY Approach to Usability Testing at Santa Clara University Marketing Summit.
  • Conduct data collection and usability testing to research why unique pageviews decreased 60% over three years.
  • Lead, manage, and delegate tasks to web team.
  • Train incoming web team members.
  • Advise Career Center staff on marketing and social media efforts to university students.


UX Designer & Researcher

July 2019 - November 2019

  • Led UX Research efforts to improve usability of mobile and web applications.
  • Lead UX design for web application.

Santa Clara University School of Engineering

Digital Tech Assistant

January 2019 - June 2019

  • Recipient of University Marketing Communications Council's Choice Award for ideation and creation of Faces of Engineering video posted to social media.
  • Provide assistance with digital tech projects, such as creating virtual tours for students.
  • Assist team in projects requiring design or web design skills.
  • Served as the Student Representative on the Marketing & Communications Committee for the School of Engineering.


President 2019-2020

  • Recipient of National SWE Guiding Star Award for my work as a collegiate leader with SWE, the SCU community, and the local community.
  • Recipient of National SWE Outstanding Outreach (Group) Award on behalf of SWE++ program that teaches local middle school girls introductory principles to computer science, self-empowerment, and college experiences.
  • Accepted into SWE Collegiate Leadership Institute for WE19 National Conference.
  • Created mentorship program between SWE and local middle school group - STEM Girls.
  • Increased organization and management of SWE boardd team through implementation of Slack, Trello, and Shared Google Drive.
  • Led a series of Personal Branding workshops for students to improve their resume design and help them stand out to recruiters.
  • Connect with industry representatives to encourage partnerships with SCU SWE.
  • Heightened collaboration between School of Engineering organizations by coordinating meetings and events co-led by multiple groups.

SWE++ Co-Chair 2019

  • Co-started SCU SWE++, a program that teaches local middle school girls introductory principles to computer science, self-empowerment, and college experiences.
  • Formed SWE++ Committee.
  • Contacted local schools and recruited first cohort of students.
  • Taught several lessons to the students in Scratch and Python.
  • Coordinated weekly committee meetings, lesson preparation meetings, and social events.
  • Publicized SWE++ on social media, gaining attention from non-SWE members.
  • Gained recognition from Dean of the School of Engineering.

Public Relations 2017-2019

  • Created and distributed dozens of flyers.
  • Managed tabling for Involvement Fair events.
  • Started SCU SWE Instagram profile.
  • Increase online participation, leading to a more collaborative community online between SWE and other SCU groups.

First-Year Representative 2016-2017

  • Assisted other board members with their tasks.
  • Shadowed board team to learn more about each officer position.

Beyond Board Roles

  • Implemented SWE Sisters, a mentorship program between SWE members.
  • Speaker to 200 students, faculty, and staff at Women in Engineering Dinner 2019.
  • Ideated, filmed, and edited SWE Promotional Video that was posted on SCU Admissions page.
  • Coordinated large panel event with women from industry and invited local SWE chapters.
  • Planned and ran events on International Women's Day and Girl Day during Engineers week to celebrate women engineers.
  • SWE National Conference attendee 2017 and 2019.

Secretary 2019-2019

  • Managed ACM-W social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Implented a point system to incentivize increased member pariticpation.

Event Coordinator 2018-2019

  • Coordinated industry representative panels on-campus.
  • Began mentorship program called Cyber Sisters between ACM-W general members.

My Design Process

my design process



CEO & Co-Founder

Fall 2019 - Present

Opal is a mobile app that connects college- and university-level students with employees in industry. More information coming soon!

  • Lead operations, market research, UI/UX, and task delegation with rest of team.
  • Main point of contact with stakeholders, advisors, and clients.


Project Leader | UX Designer | React Native Developer

Fall 2019 - Present

GalapaGo! provides resources for both locals and tourists in the Galapagos Islands, Ecaudor. The Galapagos Islands' Chamber of Tourism is the main client for GalapaGo! More information coming soon!

  • Lead team by assigning tasks.
  • Main point of contact client, the Galapagos Islands Chamber of Tourism.
  • Develop mobile application using React Native.
  • Will visit Galapagos Islands in March 2020 to conduct in-person usability tests with users.


SWE Impact Recognized in The Santa Clara - Santa Clara University Newspaper

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EMAIL: mariah@manzano.com

LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, CA


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